Dariush Zarbafian / Teaching and Research

l E-mail: dariush@nb.sympatico.ca l Web: www.avahang-music.com


PhD in Musicology, University of Toulouse le Mirail (UTM), France 2002-2008

Thesis topic: Iranian Classical Music: Contribution in analyzing of modal systems and metric”

Master (M.D.) in Ethnomusicology, University of Toulouse, France 1993-1994

Percussion (drums) Conservatoire National de Toulouse, France 1986

Master (M.D.) Economics and Finance, University of Tehran, Iran 1981

Instrumental, Teaching with the most eminent masters of the Iranian music

 Western Music collaboration with Professor and Composer Richard Gibson 2011


Member of the Scientific Research Team (LLA), University of Toulouse, France

SFE Member (French Society for Ethnomusicology), France

Member (as a composer), CMC distribution (Canadian Music Center)

Member of CCA (Canadian League of Composers)



Musician Composer, Canada 2006 - present

Worked with an Ensemble as well as individually to practice with the instruments and to compose music.

Sampling of achievements:


Professor, Faculty of Arts - Music Department, Université de Moncton, NB 2009-2012

Lecturer at the baccalaureate level: musicology seminar - teaching of ethnomusicology.


Artist Residency, MAGMA (Multicultural Association of Greater Moncton), NB 2008

Managed a contract offering concerts and prepared an art project on immigration.


Other relevant experience:


Guest Musician 1995-2006

Conservatoire National - Toulouse Region, Conservatoire National Perpignan, Montauban Conservatoire, Conservatoire Occitan de Toulouse, Blagnac, France National Conservatoire

Private Professor, Iranian Music, France 1984-2006

Invited Professor, Ministry of National Education, France 1987-1989

Director of a Radio Broadcast (8 hours), VPRO, Holland 1989

Professor of Music, Ministry of National Education, France 1983-1986

Seminars and conferences

Acadian Traditional Music, Université de Moncton, NB 2012-2014

Initiator and Lecturer, Symposium "Acadian traditional music at the crossroads of the "Western

classical music", Cape Breton University, NS 2012-2013

Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Université de Moncton, NB 2008-2012

Ethnomusicology, University of Western Ontario , London, ON 2006

Musicology and Ethnomusicology, University of Toulouse le Mirail, France 1995-2006

Ethnomusicology, University of Barcelona and "Casa Cultura" Centre, Girona, Spain 2004

Internship of Musicology and Concerts, Hamburg, Germany 2004

Musicology and Ethnomusicology, University of Waterloo, ON 2003

Musicology and Ethnomusicology, University of Tehran (Fine Arts), Iran 2002



Ongoing Research, Centre Acadien, Université de Moncton, NB 2012-current study

"Acadian traditional music"

Directed student research projects, Université de Moncton, NB 2009-2012

PhD Thesis in Musicology, University of Toulouse le Mirail (UTM), France 2002-2008

Iranian Classical Music: Contribution in analysis of modal systems and metric”.

Master (M.D.) in ethnomusicology, University of Toulouse, France 1993-1994

"Tombac (Iranian digital percussion) and the history of Iran rhythm"


Dariush Zarbafian, "The Music Learned Iranian: Contribution to the analysis of Modaux systems and metrics", published by: Diffusion ANRT, reproduction of theses, University Lille 3, France national workshop


Assemaneh.2, Centre de Musique Canadienne 2014


A fleur de peau (Skin-Deep) - DVD first part: documentary, “Musical World by Dariush Zarbafian", Filmed in 2003 in France, Switzerland and Tehran; second part : album Fariba. Five original compositions for Iranian percussion, Toulouse, France, K Productions, Dariush Zarbafian, Marc Oriol, and TV TLT (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYTfDuVIiPw) 2005

Assemaneh.1, CD, Production Act desires, Distribution MSI 1996

Thousand Images CD, Ariane collection Ariane co-produced by France Culture (ARI 150)

distributed by Scalen'Disc 1989

Iberian Road, Contribution in Equidad Barès album, produced by CIMAC 1988


International concerts and shows


Concert, Les Milles et une Nuit, Moncton, NB 2017

Concert, Université de Moncton Campus, NB 2016

Concert, Capitol Theatre, Empress Room, Moncton, NB 2014

Concert, Amphitheater Jeanne-de-Valois, Université de Moncton, NB 2014

Concert and launch of my CD Assemaneh, Capitol Theatre - Empress Room, Moncton, NB 2014

Concert, Aberdeen Cultural Center, Moncton, NB 2013

Festival, Indian River, PE 2012

Concert, St. John's United Church, Moncton, NB 2012

International Evening, Université de Moncton Campus, NB 2011

Concert, South-Kent Cultural Society, Bouctouche, NB 2010

International Festival, Bathurst, NB 2010

Armenian, International Festival Capitol Theatre and Art Gallery, Université de Moncton, NB 2009

International Francophone Day (organized by the Minister of Wellness, Culture and Sport), Dalhousie, NB 2009

Concert, Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB 2009

International Francophone Day, CAIIM, Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB 2009

Multicultural Festival, MAGMA (concert and screening of the documentary film, the musical world of Dariush Zarbafian, Capitol Theatre, Moncton, NB 2008

Frye Festival, Aberdeen Culturel Center, Moncton, NB 2008

Concert, Moncton City Hall, NB 2008

Festival of the Arab World, Théâtre des Arts, Montreal, QC 2008

Concert - Northwestern Multicultural Fair, St.-Leonard, NB 2008

Concert, University of Western Ontario, London, ON 2006

Concert, River Run Centre, Guelph, ON 2003, 2005

Concert, University of Waterloo, ON 2003


International concerts and shows (continued)


National Conservatory Blagnac 2005

National School of Music and Dance, Montauban 2005

Festival of the Nuits Atypiques, Langon 1999-2003

Conservatoire National of Perpignan, Perpignan 1990

Abbey Encalat and Ste. Scholastic, Carroll 1990

Sorbonne, Paris 1985

Opera, Orchestra Darvichkhan, Nice 1984

Piano "Déodat de Séverac", St. Felix Festival 1984

International Festival of Percussion, Gourdon 1984

Many concerts: Conservatoire National de région of Toulouse, Bonnefoy, space Croix-Baragnon, Palais des Sports, Theatre of Mazades, the Jewel, Conservatoire Occitan, Odyssud, Saint Pierre des Cuisines, Toulouse

Numerous concerts in other cities in France



Festival - Day from Five Continents, Martigny 1997 and 2003

Amdatra, Lausanne 2003

Ethnomusicology, Geneva, Laurant Aubert Workshops 2003



Casa de Cultura, Girona 2004

Carrutxa local, Reus 1989



Cultureel Centrum Berchem, Antwerp 1989

Ghent, Gele Zaal 1989

Hingine, room Ondepoort 1984



Internship of Musicology and Concerts, Hamburg 2001



Museum Tropical, Amsterdam, Soeterijn 1984, 1987, 1989

Théâtre de Evenaar, Rotterdam 1987, 1988

Hilverson 1984, 1988

Urecht, Rasa, 1984, 1988



Room Rudaki, Tehran 2000, 2003



Avignon Festival, Collaboration with the ARCHEOPTERIX Centre, and Armand Gatti for music of film, stage and concert 1984, 1985

Dariush Zarbafian


Programming on France Musique

An eight hour "History of Iranian Music" program for Dutch radio station VPRO, as well as numerous interventions on local radios in Europe.



TF1 , TLT and France 3, Radio Canada (1 hour show under the direction of Robert Arsenault), CBC (Michael R. Leblanc), CTV News (Erin O'Halloran) , TV Rogers (Joël Landry)

Documentary film "Skin-Deep", TV TLT, Toulouse, France 2004



Musée de l'Homme, Paris, France 2005

Film Festival "People and Music", Toulouse, France 2003


Traditional and contemporary production of many compositions combining methods



Book on Tombac Gold Zarb, Current Iranian percussion



Two formations which are my own compositions


Press extracts

"His musicality, his exceptional rhythmic sense propel it with the greatest masters of" "fellc and Sarahr." Toulouse Culture

'The Thousand Images Zarbafian are Impressionist landscapes that he invites us to discover in his company." Laurent Aubert, the world of music (France)

"Once inside you, this music stops time. Dariush' understanding goes beyond the faces, and beyond the message of sound; it is a hymn to life in a language without borders.' Maite Navarro Linares, Infoc (France)

"Along with the traditional pieces treated in dazzling fashion, it undertakes on the way to a more personal expression..."Zarbafian not only, indeed, to reproduce the traditional repertoire: renews it by calling itself its own gousheh, he interprets to the santoor and drum zarb with great elegance." Laurent Aubert, the world of music (France)