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Avahang-Music is a site which relates to the Iranian erudite music, on Dr. Dariush Zarbafian, one of the references international as regards Iranian erudite music, and on the enembles which he directs particularly Avahang.

It is possible for you to listen to extracts of the discs of Dariush Zarbafian:

Mille Images Assemaneh
  x Series techniques of playing Tombac (Zarb)  [Film]
      Tombac dans la musique Iraninne
      Société Française d’ethnomusicologie

New Events:
Iranian Music Concert - Friday May 17
Dariush Zarbafian and Kevin Johnson in Concert at Café Aberdeen [140 Botsford St. Moncton]

Acadian traditional music
11-13 October 2013
Cape Breton University