Education :

2008                            Ph.D, Musicology, University of Toulouse le Mirail (UTM), France                                          
: " Iranian classic music :
Contribution in analyzing of modal systems and metric "

 1986                            Music Drama, Music National College of Toulouse, France

 1981                            Master's Degree Economics and Financial Affairs, College or Accounting and Financial Science, Tehran, Iran


Education with Masters of Music :

2009 - 2012                Western classical music, work with professor and composer Richard Gibson                      

1976 - 1981                Iranian Percussions Tombac (Zarb) and modal music (Santour – Sétâr) with some of Iran’s eminent masters; namely, Mohamed Esmaili (appointed successor of Master Tehrani), Morteza Ayan and Bahman Radjabi


Experience :

Adherent :                 Member of AAAPNB Acadian Association of the Professionals Artists of New Brunswick
Member of the scientific team of research (LLA) at the University of Toulouse, France
Member of SFE (French Society of Ethnomusicology), France

Master Teacher 

 Feb, 2008                    Artist in residence, MAGMA (Multicultural Association of Great Moncton)

 1995 – 2006                National Academy of Toulouse, National Academy of Perpignan, National                                   
cademy of Montauban, Regional Academy of Toulouse, National Academy of Blagnac, France

1984 - 2006                 Individualy Professor of Persian Music, formed the student to became professional

1987 - 1989                 Invited professor, Ministry of National Education, France

1983 - 1986                 Professor of Music, Ministry of National Education, France


2012 - 2014                 University of Moncton and university of Cap Breton, international symposium of traditional music 
2008 - 2012                 University of Moncton, N.B
2006                            University of Western Ontario, London, ON
1995 - 2006                 University of Toulouse le Mirail, France,
2004                            University of Barcelona and "Lasa Cultura" Centre, Girona, Spain
2003                            University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
2002                            University of Tehran (Fins Arts), Tehran, Iran

Achievements :


  • ASSEMANEH.2 during distribution 2012
  • À FLEUR DE PEAU - DVD, first part: Documentary, “the musical world of Dariush Zarbafian”, a portrait turned in 2003 between France, Switzerland and Teheran, second part: Fariba album, five original compositions for Iranian Percussions, Toulouse, France, K Productions, Dariush Zarbafian, Marc Oriol, and TV TLT, 2005.
  • ASSEMANEH, producer Flagrants Desirs, distributor MSI, 1996.
  • MILLE IMAGES, Ariane Collection, co-produced by France Culture (ARI 150) distributed by Scalen’Disc, 1989
  • CHEMIN IBERIQUES, participation in Equidad Bares, produced by CIMAC, 1988


International Concerts :


  • Festival Indian River August, 2012
  •  Church St. John's United Church May, 2012
  • Evening International, Campus of the University of Moncton, February, 2011
  • International Festival Bathurst, June, 2010
  • Capitol Theatre and the University of Moncton, Gaum Armenian international Festival (26-27 Nov 2009)
  •  Dalhousie, in celebration of the international day of the Francophonie (organized by the Minister of wellness, Culture and the Sport), March, 2009
  •  Moncton, Capitol Theatre February 2009
  • Montreal, Festival du Monde Arabe, Théâtre des Arts, November 2, 2008
  • Saint Léonard, Le Salon multiculturel du Nord- Ouest, September 20, 2008
  • Moncton, The Moncton Town hall (July 2008 – Canada day), Multicultural Festival (concert and projection of documentary film, the world musical of Dariush Zarbafian, Capitol Theatre, the 21 and on June 27, 2008), Festival Frye (Aberdeen, May, 2008), University of Moncton (Mars 2008, November 2008)
  • London, University of Western Ontario (October. 2006)
  • Guelph, ON, River Run Centre (June 2003, September 2005)
  • Waterloo, University of Waterloo (June 2003)


  • Blagnac, Conservatoire National Blagnac (2005)
  • Montauban, Ecole Nationale de Musique et de Danse (2005)
  • Langon, Festival des Nuits Atypiques (1999 et 2003)
  • Perpignan, Conservatoire Nationale de Perpignan (1990)
  • Castre, Abbaye d’Encalat et Ste. Scolastique (1990)
  • Paris, Sorbonne (1985)
  • Nice, Opéra, Orchestre Darvichkhân (1984)
  • St. Félix, Festival de piano " Déodat de Séverac " (1984)
  • Gourdon, Festival international de percussion (1984)
  • Toulouse, Nombreux concerts : Conservatoire National de Région de Toulouse, Espace    Bonnefoy, Espace Croix-Baragnon, Palais des Sports, Théâtre des Mazades, Le Bijou, Conservatoire Occitan, Odyssud, Saint Pierre des Cuisines.


  • Martigny, (Festival de la journée de cinq continents, 1997 et 2003),
  • Lausanne, Amdatra (2003)
  • Genève (l'Ateliers d'Ethnomusicologie, Laurant Aubert, 2003)                                  


  • Girona, Casa de Cultura (2004)
  • Reus, Local de Carrutxa (1989)


  • Anvers, Cultureel Centrum Berchem (1989)
  • Gand, Gele Zaal (1989)
  • Hingine, Salle Ondepoort (1984)


Hamburg, Stage de Musicologie et Concerts (2001)


  • Amsterdam, Musée Tropical (octobre 1984), Soeterijn (1987 et 1989)
  • Rotterdam, Théâtre de Evenaar (1987 et 1988)
  • Hilverson, (1984 et 1988)
  • Urecht, Rasa (1984 et 1988)


Tehran, Salle Roudaki (2000 et 2003)

Other performances

FESTIVAL D'AVIGNON, Collaboration with the center Archeopterix and Armand Gatti in 1984/1985 to film music, stage and concerts.

Toulouse and Avignon Festival 1992, design and interpretation of the incidental music of the "Language of the Birds" by Attar by the Company of the Milky Way.

Toulouse, Project composition of music for ARTEM1992 Company.

Radio, TV:

  • Shows on France Musique
  • A program of eight hours "History of Iranian music" for the Dutch radio VPRO and many interventions on local radio in Europe.
  • TF1, France 3 and TLT, Radio Canada (one hour program under the direction of Robert Arsenault and TV), CBC (Michael R. Leblanc) CTV News (Erin OHalloran) Rogers TV (Joel Landry)
  • Documentary film, “A fleur de peau”, TV TLT, Toulouse, France, 2004


Cinema :

2005                            Musée de l'Home, Paris, France
2003                            Festival of cinema " Peuple et Musique ", Toulouse, France

Compositions :

Produced numerous compositions incorporating traditional methods and my own   inspirations

Publication :

The book of Tombac or Zarb, Iranian Percussion (awaiting to be published)

Conducting Experiences :

  • Directed two ensembles which interpreted self written compositions
  • Ensemble Tchakavak : Iranian modal music
  • Ensemble Avahang : Iranian modal music and percussion


“His musicality and his exceptional sense of rhythm propel him to the heights of the great masters of the tombac and the santour.”  Toulouse Culture

Zarbafian’s “Mille Images”are  like impressionistic landscapes that he invites us to discover alongside  him.”  Laurent Aubert

“… a remarkable musician that easily goes from the zarb (tombac) to the santour. As well as playing traditional pieces brilliantly, he takes himself on a very personal journey of expression … Zarbafian does not content himself to simply reproduce the traditional repertoire, he renews it through the composition of his own personal “gusheh” which he then interprets on the tombac or the santour with rare elegance.” Laurent Aubert, Le Monde de la Musique

Once inside you, this music stops time. Dariush’ understanding goes beyond the faces, and beyond the message of sound; it is a hymn to life in a language without borders.” Maite Navarro Linares, Infoc.