Biography of Dr. Dariush Zarbafian

Education :

Ph.d, Musicology, University of Toulouse, le Mirail (UTM), France.

Thesis : " Iranian Erudite Music, Contribution in analyzing of modal systems and metric "

Music Drama, Music National College of Toulouse, France

Master's Degree Economics and Financial Affairs, College of Accounting and Financial Science, Tehran, Iran

A brief Biography

Musician, Composer, and Musicologist

Franco-iranian artist recently installed in Moncton, his new home, Dariush has become one of the most prominent personas in Persian Music today as a poet, musician, composer and musicologist. By spending time playing and studying with some of Iran's masters; namely , Mohamed Esmaili (appointed successor of Master Teherani), Morteza Ayan and Bahman Radjabi, Dariush has become an outstanding Tombak (a Persian percussion instrument also known as a zarb) player. His research on Hussein Teherani's (founder of the modern school of the tombak) music as well as his own knowledge of ancient rhythms has allowed him to compose for this instrument in a renewed language. He has been able to keep the characteristics and genuineness of the ancient rhythms while freeing it of some of its more traditional components.

His particular approach on the tombak redefines its role and influence that spreads way beyond Persian music to reach a more universal language; that of the heart. Dariush brings skillfulness, sensitivity and a depth to each performance on the tombak as well as on the santur; (a Persian stringed instrument) an instrument in which he is completely self-taught. As a connoisseur of the ancient traditions and enriched with his own compositions, Dariush suggests a re-rereading of the Persian repertoire, known as the radif. To date, Dariush has produced a great number of works for the tombak as well as the santur incorporating both traditional methods and his own inspirations. These works make him one of the more prominent figures in Persian music today.